With the advent of internet and technology in almost every minute of our life, things are changing in a very random way from what they were few years back. People are discovering new options and new means to do different things in a much different way from which they has been doing it traditionally for decades. Such is the scenario also in the world of dating. People now have option to go for online dating which uses internet and technology and is quite different from traditional dating. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of both these type of dating, so that one can choose the right way of dating according to their needs and preferences.

Online dating has been an immensely popular since the last decade. The main reason for its huge success is because of some obvious reasons. Firstly, today in the age of neck break speed, when people are working hard to keep with the space of time, going out in social events and parties just to meet someone new has become a luxury.

Online dating thus comes into play leaving behind traditional dating in this matter because people can easily stop sacrificing their precious time and money in night clubs and social events and look for their dream partner in an online dating site being in the comfort of their home. But all these come with a cost. Traditional dating scores in being a more romantical journey than online dating. This is because one gets to physically meet their counterpart in traditional dating which is not possible when you are dating over the internet.

Since online dating is virtual, you can never be sure of the other person’s credibility unless and until you meet him or her face to face.

This is not going to be the case for traditional dating, as you will be meeting the person you are dating face to face from the first day of your dating only. Thus, in traditional dating it is not as easy to bluff as is in case of online dating.

Moreover, online dating allows you to date with people from any corner of the world. Geographical location is never a barrier in case of online dating. But, if you are someone for whom long distance relationship is a big no, then traditional dating will be the right choice for you. In traditional dating you only meet with people from your locality or nearby places who you can meet physically face to face from the first day of your dating.

Thus, both online dating and traditional dating has it's own advantages and disadvantages. It is always advisable to go for any particular kind of dating whether online or offline depending upon your own need and preferences.


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